Friday, March 04, 2005

Montreal: A Real Travesty

Something horrid happened today! We were taking a lunch break from shooting and were sitting at a sushi place (which, for those of you who know television crews, was a surprisingly civilized choice for lunch... EFP camera and sound ops nearly always preferring diners featuring Meat and Potatoes, in my experience of working in TV/film).

The server brought out our order and, well, there's no nice way to put this... proceeded to drop the order on my back. She literally dropped the large plate of sushi and it fell on the back of my head and neck and down into the back of my chair and out onto the floor. This is probably a lucky talisman of some sort (if sushi falls on you, you will automatically have good luck at fishing, and maybe... healthy arteries?), but at that moment, it seemed like someone shot my dog. Hell, I wasn't even worried about my clothing or anything, I just never, ever, imagined how painful it would be to see a platter of perfectly delicious sushi hit the floor.

But I did. And now you can, too...

Yes, to make matters worse, the server swept it up into a nasty-ass dust pan. Can you imagine! How DARE she not tenderly pick up and gracefully dispose of each piece of fresh, newly soiled fish, some still stuck expertly to their little rice log? It was truly disturbing. Thank god this was fairly tame "lunch special" sushi and not ikura, uni or tobiko with quail egg. In that case, I think I might have considered punching her in the throat.

My producer (who witnessed the Sushi Travesty and was more appalled that the restaurant didn't offer me a free dessert or anything to make up for the fact that they dropped food on me than he was at the sushi's fate) looks like Michael Keaton.

Ever since I realized this, I can't stop thinking of him as Beetlejuice. Especially when he thinks we might go into overtime and begins racing around like a mad,... well,... Beetlejuice!


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