Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Montreal: La Cabane a Sucre... saWEET!

Today I went to a Cabane a Sucre! Go ahead, translate it yourself...

It means Sugar-Shack! And it is a fine Canadian Tradition. See the guy eating something on a stick there?

He is eating a delicious maple syrup treat! The Cabane master pours a line of delicious pure Canadian maple syrup on a bed of snow, then takes a popsicle stick and rolls it down the line, wrapping the stick in mapley goodness!

Until he gets to the end, when you have just what you came for... a frozen knob of maple syrup on a stick!

Deeeeeeee-licious! And luckily (what the F?) it was -18 C today, so the syrup stayed frozen while i walked down the street and did not drip onto my hand, as maple syrup on a stick is wont to do. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my nose.

Here are some of the other fine maple offerings sold at this Cabane a Sucre... little mini ice cream cones filled with whipped, hardened maple syrup (for those of you who have lived in Quebec, or Ontario for that matter, you know you can find these year-round at most corner-stores)...

Delicious Bonbons d'Erable - Maple Candy made of Pure 100% Maple Syrup...

And of course... well... maple syrup!

And just think: usually you have to go out into the country to a maple tree farm to experience such a cavity promoting treat. Imagine my surprise and delight to find this Cabane a Sucre conveniently located just outside the St. Denis Metro station!


At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MMM i love maple syrup. i have never had it frozen tho. this is so cool i have never eve heard of this!

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the best thing you can eat... A real delicious treat! I went a few times, à la cabane a sucre, but now I live in Italy and we have no canadian syrup here... However, each time a relative comes, guess what I ask for? Yeap maple syrup!!!


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