Monday, October 17, 2005

TORONTO: Fight Night!

Toronto is such a cool city. Here is the requisite photo of the CN Tower, the world's tallest building!

Well, most of it is buried up in the clouds there, but trust me, it's tall and pointy. And it makes a great landmark for if you're ever unsure of the direction you're walking when you come up out of the TTC (subway).

Many people who have even a passing interest in architecture have heard that Frank Gehry is architechting the renovations of the Art Gallery of Ontario. I didn't manage to go by that part of town, so didn't get a photo, but I did get this:

Yo! That's the Royal Ontario Museum getting a face-lift as well, and this one is being architected by Daniel Libeskind.

Oooh! An architect fight! Who's gonna pimp the best museum? Anyone read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead? I say we call for a throw-down in front of City Hall! (It was designed by Viljo Revell, and he's dead, so it's neutral ground.) Email me to place your bets.

Frank "Rocky Bilbao!" Gehry is 17 years older than Daniel "Freedom Tower" Libeskind, so maybe there's a slight advantage there for Libeskind. Also, Libeskind never wussed-out and changed his name to sound not-Jewish*, so that's got to give him some sort of advantage as well, right? But Gehry's gorgeous buildings look like they could suddenly come alive and stomp to his aid like giant Transformers, so we'll see!

*Apparently, Gehry (Goldberg, Ephriam) regrets the name change. Hey, John Mellencamp resumed his given name and his career was unharmed...


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