Friday, August 26, 2005

You Have Never Tasted A Grape...

... until you've tasted a Kyoho. Discovered by accident last week. Gollydamn, if this ain't the best tasting table grape I've ever put in my grape hole.

Now, this is probably because I have spent far too much time in North America where actual taste is GMO'd out of everything you find in the supermarket. But I am finally getting wise and learning how totally worth it it is to go to farmer's markets and specialty stores. I have always dabbled, but now I am becoming more committed. I'm keepin it real, though, as I still think a Coke Slurpee and a bag of Veggie Booty makes a delicious lunch.

Back to Kyoho. How I love thee. Apparently this grape is very popular in Japan and Korea. I bought my kyohos from a Japanese father and son team at the Venice farmer's market here in California. The son said it's his uncle who grows them. According to this here chart, they are rarely grown here. But if you can find them, eat them immediately!

If I had the motivation, I would make a line of t-shirts: Get yo'self a Kyo, ho! And I would convince Diddy to wear one to the MTV Video Music Awards and then the popularity of this grape would be off da richta and people all across this great nation would taste the sensation!


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