Saturday, March 12, 2005

Montreal: Crew Smashes Stereotype

Remember how I mentioned (Montreal: A Real Travesty) that it was an anomaly to be going to a sushi restaurant with a television crew? Well, this past week, I was working with a completely different crew, and much to my surprise, B. (DP and camera) suggested we take our lunch break at a frilly tea house!

And there I sat with B. (he's the one holding the tea cup daintily), E. (PA, young guy on the right) and my producer, BeetleJuice (putting clotted cream on his current scone)!

And don't forget C., who, though she is female, does typically prefer a hamburger or her own bagged lunch to the leek and truffle oil soup she's enjoying here...

Wonders never cease! And here's your bonus shot for today, a truck carrying a booty of something the Quebeçois treasure most: Boréale beer. Blond, Rouge or Noir, this is simply one of the most delicious beers you'll ever taste. Man, I hope they have Boréale in the afterlife.


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