Monday, January 09, 2006

Spain: Afternoon Sweets

Easily Pleased hit the 1000 unique readers mark today. I know that's nothin' but a raindrop in the ocean of the WWW, but thanks mucho to all of you who have stopped by. If you're a blogger, do leave a comment with your URL so I can visit you back.

How about some sweets to celebrate? Here are some tasty selections from a pastelerĂ­a in Ronda (south of Sevilla):

Dark chocolate-covered orange rind, marzipan-type lightly baked mushy good thingies, and some almond cookies. All delicious.

Ronda is a really interesting town, situated high above a gorge.

The view from above is amazing, making sweets taste even better. (Photo not quite up to par...)


At 2:05 PM, Blogger Foodie Universe said...

Your photo of Ronda is beautiful! I love Spain.


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