Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Montreal: When You Walk Down the Street

There is so much to see in Montreal! It really is like being in Europe. The cars are smaller, the people thinner, the architecture fascinating, old and new. You see lots of old buildings like this one...

And you also see modern institutions, with proper Québec signage, of course...

And look at this - for those of you who don't speak Québeçois, a dépanneur is a "corner store," like a 7-11. I ask you, would YOU buy sushi at a dépanneur? Je pense que NON!

Today, I saw a whole bunch of boxes filled with vinyl LPs that someone had put out to trash! There were lots of interesting records in there - Dean Martin, Rolling Stones... I hated to see them going to the dump, and desperately hope some bohemian with a record player will come and rescue them!

Vinyl is a cool word. I shall name my first child Vinyl. And this is a store in my neighborhood that sells legs. I might buy one just in case one of my knees gives out.


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