Sunday, November 06, 2005

Delicious Booty II

This is a lemon cucumber! Pretty, huh? It'a about the size of a lemon but perfectly round. When I bought it at the Farmer's Market I asked the fellow if it tasted lemony. He said no - that it was just called that because of its shape and color.

WRONG! Send that dude back to produce skool. It DOES taste sour and citrusy, sort of like cucumber with a squeeze of lemon on top. It has big crunchy seeds and is very nice on a sandwich. The skin (at least on the one I bought) is a bit woodier than regular cuckes, so you really do have to remove it, even if you're one of those people who think all fruit and vegetable skins are meant to be eaten (ahem, you know who you are).

And lo... just in time for the end of Ramadan... (or, since I do not happen to be Muslim, just in time for lunch...)

Fresh dates, still beautifully clinging to their stem! Bite into one and it's crispy like an apple. And so, so sweet - they are (quite literally) the sweetest fruit. The man at the Farmer's Market had dates in all stages of drying. Fresh are my fave.

And what's a lunch without true artisanal bread?

Have you ever heard of this kind? Me neither, which is why I bought it from a new discovery of mine, Bread Man Bezian. I have to say, the sourdough culture was sour and delish. No yeast, so it was a very dense bread. Very different, extremely lunchtastic.


At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be wrong to equate sourdough with dense. Dense has to do with the type of flour and how it's handled... not how its leavened.


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