Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spain: Bonjour Bon Noir!

Next up, Granada. Here is a view of the Albaicin neighborhood from the Palacio de Comares at the Alhambra.

All that palace-viewing made us hungry, so we went looking for treats.

Found a really hot chocolate shop called Bon Noir. Everything was perfect in this place - the decor, the identity, the presentation of chocolates.

It was austere, with brick, stainless steel, sliding glass, and completely focused on... chocolate!

We went omakase, with the owner picking out Lemon Tart, Marsala Creme, Green Tea, and a Cinnamon/Ginger Creme. All truly delicious. And the little box came with a small pamphlet about how to properly enjoy chocolate. God, I love people who love food. Most especially chokky.

If you happen to be in Granada, do not miss it. Bon Noir, Plaza Bibrambla 10, Granada, CP, Spain.


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