Sunday, March 20, 2005

Montreal: Super Bon Experiment!

You know when you get obsessed with a certain food? Well, this is the story of my newest food obsession... chocolate-covered cherries. Don't ask me why. People close to me know I have a rather formidable sweet tooth. But even for me, this is a bit out of left field. I never cared for a chocolate-covered cherry before.

Prior obsessions in the candy realm include chocolate-mint oriented things, chocolate-covered salty things (pretzels, potato chips) and candy bars that are especially detailed, necessitating painstaking nibbling according to precise layer (Canada's Coffee Crisp is the best - 9 layers to excavate, including the chocolate enrobing part). But I digress.

As I figure I will be eating a lot more of chocolate-covered cherries in the coming week (until I basically make myself sick and move on) I have decided to find the best chocolate-covered cherry in my neighbourhood and gorge on those. Why? Because I'm worth it!

So join me as I do a carefully constructed and controlled experiment:

Which BonBon is da Bomb Bomb!

Here are the candidates:

Working clockwise from 12 O'clock:

Candidate #1 is Lowney's Cherry Blossom. She hails from the d├ępanneur on the corner. She is the heftiest of the bunch, wrapped in foil, then in a yellow box, and is equivalent to, say, a Hershey-level bon bon. Wait, in fact, upon further examination of the box... she IS a Hershey bon bon! So much for Lowney.

Candidate #2, we'll call her Brown Paper Bag, is from a random candy shop called Sucrerie du Soleil - "Sugar of the Sun" - it's one of those bulk candy places, and there is no way to tell how long she's been living there. I found her (and her friend) in the back. Gulp.

Candidate #3, Neilson Cerises, is from another d├ępanneur down the street. She is 4 bon bons in one package (this will not sway my objective results) and is equivalent to, perhaps, a Nestle's-level bon bon. Upon further examination of the package... make that Cadbury.

Candidate #4, call her Fancy Pants, is from Patisserie Harnois and is considered a Fine Chocolate. Fancy Pants is actually 2 different bon bons - one is a traditional chocolate-covered cherry (see the stem?) and the other (in foil) is a cherry in cognac. I had to get both because this is a very important experiment and I need to get as wide a sample as possible. Science, people.

Now, as you can see, Patisserie Harnois had a few other items for sale...

I may or may not have endeavored to make sure none of these other bon bons was feeling left out just because he or she doesn't contain a cherry. But I digress yet again.

Please join me in the next EP blog entry as the taste test commences.


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