Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Soup Attack: Spinachy Egg Drop

I love to invent soups. By golly. This, I believe, is the one, two, three... fourth soup I have posted about! ("About which I have posted." My Mom's a bit of a grammar cop. Hi Mom.)

Now, when I say "invent", I'm not sayin' that I didn't kinda get inspired by something I ate before or something I've heard of. What I'm sayin' is that I like to russell up a pot o' deliciousness based solely on what's in the fridge.

Today I had lots of eggs and thought, hey, how about trying egg drop soup! You just drop the eggs in... uh, some soup, right? Right? Well, as it turns out, yes!

"But wait," you say. "Why is it green? I've never seen green egg drop soup. This is a scam." Hells no. Don't be hatin'. It's green 'causa spinach! Here's how the session went:

Chop and sweat two onions for 20 minutes. Then two (of those Tetra Pak) containers of vegetable broth into pot. Blend with hand blender. Dump in a bag of organic baby spinach, wilt and blend again. Whisk two eggs, then pour in slowly while whisking the soup around. Throw in a cup of finely-grated Pecorino Romano (this also takes care of the perfect amount of salt) and whisk some more.

And wallah! (As a fine reader of this blog likes to say - LOL!)

And you can't see it in the photo, but just under the surface, just under that grated cheese garnish, is a prize! A whole egg cracked into the soup and left whole to poach. When you're ready, just poke it and let the yolk leak onto your spoon.

And as usual, was even better the next day. With an excellent taste:ease of preparation ratio!


At 12:11 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Hi! This sounds great, and one of the great soups I have yet to try. Do you want the broth boiling when you drop in the egg?

I love your cooking challenges - I have a lot of the same ones. I love baking cakes - and I'm still learning, but I hate sifters! I use a large small-holed sieve to sift - it's so much easier to clean and you can just throw everything in there and shake it around. I'm also a big fan of organic delivery - I've done it for the last 3 years and it's wonderful. Good luck!

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Easily Pleased said...

hi Michelle. This soup is really so easy it will blow your mind! The broth should be VERY hot, if not at a boil when you drop in the whisked egg. And then if you decide to drop a whole egg in each individual bowl to poach (like I did) make sure the soup is just off the boil when you do it -should be VERY hot. The whole egg continues to cook as it sits in your bowl, but hopefully the yolk stays a bit runny...

Thanks for the support on the challenges... I shall do my best!

At 9:34 PM, Blogger john said...

Hey there, EP. So nice dining with you this morning, and then discovering that you're obsessed with... dining! I too share a strange fascination with food, and pictures thereof. To wit, I present the Hamburger Biscuit.

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Nice! I think it is tempting!!

At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Nicky said...

Hi EP,
My grandma use to prepare delicious tomato egg drop soups - I myself haven't done this for years, thanks for the inspiration! And I really like the idea of the whole egg :)


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