Thursday, December 08, 2005

What to Do With Brussels Sprouts #1

Last night I made a delicious Brussels Sprout and Carmelized Onion Soup with about half of the giant stalk I bought at the Farmer's Market. It was super easy and tasty.

Here are the sprouties boiling away in their sweated and carmelized onions and veggie soup stock. They enjoyed their little sprout-spa.

Until I "massaged" them with the best kitchen appliance ever invented:

Hot liquification baby! Et voilá.

Served up with dollops of Greek-style yoghurt and paprika. Also some delicious Bezian's Moroccan Olive Bread.

I am not a big recipe person. I am much more the If-It's-In-the-Fridge-It-Can-Go-In-A-Soup type. But I should pay more attention to the pros because this soup recipe was bowl-lickin' good. Even Brussels sprout haters would eat this and have to admit it.

The soup was sweet and delicious and not only because of the carmelized onions. I think the info those people gave me about sugar in the stalk going into the sprouts was correct!

Lookit. I whittled away the woody outside of the stalk and the inside was nearly as sweet as sugarcane. For reals. You could use this core in a salad or grate some onto the top of a soup for a crunch (but I ate it all before I could do that).


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