Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time to Go 'Ganic

When I answered the 5 Cooking Challenges meme about a month ago, I stated that one of my goals was to try organic delivery. I thought this would force me to eat more organic, which I know I should do. See, when shopping, I sometimes can't successfully get past the price comparison or the fact that the non-organic stuff frequently looks better to the eye.

But organic almost always tastes better for reals, and this week, I read this UPI report on a study that was just published. And I quote, "Children who switched their diets for only a few days to organic foods dramatically and immediately lowered the amount of toxic pesticides in their bodies, researchers report."

I am not a child (at least in body) but I don't want those nasty-ass neurotoxins in my system, either. And my fridge happens to be nearly empty of veggies except for a bag of organic carrots and some limp non-organic broccoli. Perfect timing!

So, I just went to my local organic delivery's website and signed up. I am so excited. (Ok, reminder that you're reading a FOOD BLOG here, we're allowed to spaz about a delivery of vegetables and fruit to our doorstep.)

It was super easy to sign up - I just picked a box size ($29 or $39) and checked off the items that I DON'T want to receive (like, carrots, for example, because I already have some). My town's organic delivery allows you to do a one-box delivery OR sign up for regular deliveries. I'm doing a one-time test drive.

The box will be here in 2 days. Stay tuned.


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