Friday, April 01, 2005

Montreal: Crew Lunch Addendum 1

Remember my shock and delight recently when certain television crews preferred sushi and tea houses for lunch instead of the usual "crew food"? Well, today order was restored in the universe as C., the sound guy, brought us to La Cabane on Rue St. Laurent in order to partake of his lunch of choice...

Note that he has a side of mashed potatoes with his fries and sauccis - hey, you can never eat too many "vegetables". He dipped every one of those fries in mayonnaise, as is the Quebec way. Me, I had a mangy salad, which of course is the only type of salad you can get in such a place.

But I was thankful for that salad, because C. could have dragged us directly across the street to the famous Schwartz's, home of Montreal's Viande Fumée - Smoked Meat Sandwich. I don't think they even serve salad there, so I would have had to eat ketchup for lunch.

See all the people lining up for smoked meat? The funny thing is, we never actually saw anyone LEAVE the restaurant...


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