Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In the Jungle... the Tofurky Sleeps Tonight!

It's getting close to Thanksgiving, which means you can get lots of yummy things in the grocery store right now. Fresh cranberries, chestnuts, pumpkin pie fixin's, and... TOFURKEYs!

What the furkey? Tofurkey! Yep it's basically a turkey roast made of tofu. It comes in a box with a container of gravy to go along side.

See? There are even "giblits" in the gravy which is perhaps the cutest word in the world for something actually pretty gross.

Ok, so I forgot to take a photo of it before unwrapping and cooking. It's wrapped a lot like a giant bulbous sausage, in a plastic sheath with two metal clips on the gathered ends. I have to admit, even to a vegetarian with a sense of humor, it's pretty Tofurkin' scary.

But I basted and cooked according to instructions (olive oil, soy sauce and fresh rosemary). I put it on a bed of yuca (no potatoes or carrots on hand) and onions. I also poured a little of the gravy on there because I was worried about things drying out.

This is what the 'Furkey looks like when "carved". It's got stuffing/wild rice in the center! Unlike having to shove your fist up a real turkey, the Tofurkey is born this way and needs no degrading abuse.

All in all, we thought Tofurkey was quite tasty. It kinda squeaks when you chew it. Bonus, dude. Multimedia! The gravy even got gelatinous when cold, just like "real" gravy. Ain't life grand?


Email your best artist's rendering of what a wild Tofurkey looks like before it's captured and packaged for sale. I will post the best entries on this site. The winner (judged by me) will win their very own Tofurkey roast!


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