Monday, March 13, 2006

Rhussel Up a Lhassi

I was inspired by my foodbloggy friend Arjuna who made a mango lhassi as a side for a fritatta she made recently. I wrote, asking how to make a mango lhassi, as I have always loved these at Indian restaurants.

Little did I know a lhassi was so easy... mango purée, plain yogurt and Arjuna informed me that I could also put in cardamom. Of course! That's the magical flavour - all of a sudden it's obvious why I love a mango lhassi so much.

I LOVE cardamom, and any chance to use it is glee! The best chocolate bar I ever tasted was chocolate with a cardamom infusion. If anyone knows where I might find another one of these I will make you 1,000 golden lhassis.

Aren't these lovely cardamom pods? (Ok, maybe slightly dried out, but still good...

But it's the little inside seeds you want...

Crush and inhale the scent of the gods. I often drop 3 or 4 pods into my tea in the morning. Now you know my secret.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger KrishnaArjuna said...

EP, glad to know that you tried my version of mango lassi!! Hope you enjoyed it!! I am a cardamom fan like you. I try to add it to most of the curries that I make just to infuse its smell through out the dish.


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