Friday, August 19, 2005

Step Off My Heirloom Tomato

Today I went to the farmer's market to get heirloom tomatoes. Everyone was congregated around the stall and was real pushy - like a bunch of desperate parents at a toy store during Christmas. They're TOMATOES, people. Chill the hell out.

So, I shoved my way in (hey, when in Rome) and grabbed six beauts. They were pricey ($11) but worth it. I sliced 'em thick and did the drizzle. Also some fresh figs, goat gouda, and these friggin' delicious grapes unlike any I have ever tasted (also from the farmer's market).

I know they look like regular grapes, but they weren't. They were really really grapey, not like the usual red or green store-bought grapes which are sweet but taste like... nothing. These were big, juicy, purply and seedless, but had an intense, grapetastic taste. I'm not sure what they are... maybe some type of inbred Concord? More research needed.


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