Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time to Go 'Ganic

When I answered the 5 Cooking Challenges meme about a month ago, I stated that one of my goals was to try organic delivery. I thought this would force me to eat more organic, which I know I should do. See, when shopping, I sometimes can't successfully get past the price comparison or the fact that the non-organic stuff frequently looks better to the eye.

But organic almost always tastes better for reals, and this week, I read this UPI report on a study that was just published. And I quote, "Children who switched their diets for only a few days to organic foods dramatically and immediately lowered the amount of toxic pesticides in their bodies, researchers report."

I am not a child (at least in body) but I don't want those nasty-ass neurotoxins in my system, either. And my fridge happens to be nearly empty of veggies except for a bag of organic carrots and some limp non-organic broccoli. Perfect timing!

So, I just went to my local organic delivery's website and signed up. I am so excited. (Ok, reminder that you're reading a FOOD BLOG here, we're allowed to spaz about a delivery of vegetables and fruit to our doorstep.)

It was super easy to sign up - I just picked a box size ($29 or $39) and checked off the items that I DON'T want to receive (like, carrots, for example, because I already have some). My town's organic delivery allows you to do a one-box delivery OR sign up for regular deliveries. I'm doing a one-time test drive.

The box will be here in 2 days. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gettin' 2 kno U: Meme of 4

To all my fabtabulous readers who have emailed, I apologize that I've not been posting in the past little while. This happens sometimes when actual (non digital) life cuts into blogtime. But I'm still here, and...

Well whaddaya know! I been tagged by Liz from Good Stuff for the famous Meme of Four. And though I blog anonymously (mysterious, non?) I will answer the call without blowing my awesome disguise.

4 jobs you have had:
• Lifeguard at local pool
• Food Server
• Salesperson at bike store and surf store
• MYSTERY JOB! (I blog anonymously, so don't want to say what I do as a "career". But someday I will come out!)

4 movies you could watch over and over:
River's Edge - starring Keanu Reeves and Ione Skye at their best as young actors, also classic Crispin Glover and Dennis Hopper.
Lord of the Rings - these will never get old. Best trilogy ever made.
Good Will Hunting - solely because of the acting in scenes between Robin Williams and Matt Damon. Precisely why acting is art.
Grease - if I need to explain, you wouldn't understand

4 TV shows you love to watch:
Inside the Actor's Studio - did you see Chapelle? Brilliant.
NBA - my favorite team is sucking ass, tho
Project Runway - you either in or you out
My Name is Earl - some of the best comedic acting and writing out there. I heart Randy Hickey

4 places you have been on vacation:
• southern Spain
• Sydney, Australia
• New York, NY
• St. Thomas, VI

4 websites you visit daily:
Food Porn Watch
Huffington Post

4 of your favorite foods*:
• sushi - mmmmm... uni, ikura, and Tokyo-style
• Asian food in general - i figure this covers a whole whack of foods that I love and love to cook
• chocolate - this is not merely a food though
• persimmons, pomelos, mangoes and avocadoes... and arugula. and kabocha. and quinoa.

*disclaimer - this category is pretty much impossible to answer in "four"

4 places you would rather be right now:
• I
• am
• here
• now.

4 bloggers you are tagging:
• any ho' who wants this meme. let me know and I will
• put
• you
• here

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Frontin' With Fish Eggs: Cavi-Art®

I got something very exciting in the mail this week! My order of Cavi-Art® by NorSea! This product is such a cool idea - caviar that doesn't further damage already endangered fish species. Because it's not real caviar, it's made from seaweed! Brill.

Question is, does it taste good?

Now mind you, the type of caviar these guys emmulate, salmon roe and lumpfish caviar (dyed black, red or gold), is not particularly endangered at this time, definitely not like the caviars that come from sturgeon. But it's still a cool (and vegetarian) idea.

Doesn't this "salmon roe" Cavi-Art® look delicious?

It's a very realistic texture, similar to the ikura (sake cured) you get in a sushi restaurant.

And this is the "black lumpfish" Cavi-Art®:

Looks exactly like the real thing.

So now let's get in there and eat some up! First, the salmon roe. As you can see, I decided to prepare it in a fairly traditional European manner, with some crème-fraîche and chives on toast.

It really looks pretty, except the individual eggs, when isolated, are a strange bi-color (note the ones in the background). Real salmon roe has this color separation, too, but it is way more subtle. When I popped a few of these eggs, they leaked an oily substance, not unlike real roe. The manufacturers should work a bit on blending the color within the eggs, but other than that, the texture was perfect. So far so good.

Then I bite in. Hmmm. Okay, good texture, good pop... but aaak. What a weird taste. Somehow they've seen fit to fill the egglets with oily dill pickle juice. Mmmurrff. Gaaak. Hmmm.

But you know, combined with enough crème-fraîche, I can get it down. (One might argue that you can get almost anything down with crème-fraîche.) Not the most awful thing I've ever tasted but I would not eat it again.

Moving on, we have the lumpfish caviar, also prepared with crème.

I munch. Ahhh. This one is not too bad. Not as salty as your usual lumpfish caviar (which is kinda nice), and has a very good texture. I do detect dill, which means they probably use some of the same stuff as in the salmon roe, but it works way better in these little eggs. I would eat this again, and will probably eventually finish the jar.

I love the fact that this Cavi-Art® is made from seaweed product. That rocks because you know I love seaweed . And I think it looks pretty darn good! I would highly recommend it for food stylists because it does not need to be refrigerated until opened and doesn't smell and won't go bad like real caviar would. It would be perfect on set.

I also think people who are interested in vegetarian and vegan products might dig it if they want to eat something caviar-like. Also, there is no cholesterol in this product, unlike real caviar. But then again, you don't get all those nice Omega-3s either. (Unless they use flax-seed oil, which I am assuming from the taste they do not.)

Chefs might be able to do clever things with it, as the website states that Cavi-Art® is not damaged by cooking! There are some tasty-looking recipes on the Cavi-Art® site, including a creamy fish soup.

But if you love real caviar to be eaten as-is as the focus of the moment, then I say caveat Cavi-Art®. This most likely won't do it for you. Especially the salmon roe. Akkk. Gerrrpp.

Cavi-Art® Red "Salmon Roe" - $7.98 for 3.5 oz
Cavi-Art® Black "Lumpfish" - $5.98 for 3.5 oz
Order here

** Contest! First person who posts a comment counting the correct number of ®'s in this post gets a half-eaten jar of Cavi-Art® Red "Salmon Roe"! **